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Jonathan Burton Live Sound Masterclass

Live Sound Masterclass:

Mr Jonathan Burton,
THE PRODIGY Sound Engineer

How to approach a show

Session Plan:
3 days, 6 hours a day
January 23th - 25th 2018, 10.00 am - 05.00 pm

Ticket: 250 EUR

A three day masterclass - full-day sessions. The masterclass will cover the preparation needed for a live music show, including the sound-check prior to the performance, discussing the problems on site, in relation to the role of a sound engineer today.

What will you learn

During these sessions, you will gain core knowledge in several inter-related subjects that need to be applied to the task:

  • Understanding the engineer’s role: A clearer understanding of the skills needed and responsibilities of the professional sound engineer. The two distinct roles of FOH and monitors as well as the support role of system technician.
  • Understanding the needs of the artist: An appreciation of the importance of researching the artist and their music prior to the event. Assessing what will be needed, what special skills may need to be learned prior to the concert. How to use the internet as a research tool to gather information on the group, as well as the venue.
  • Technical Rider: How to write and compile a technical rider, draw up a stage plan and channel list.
  • Factors of Microphone and Equipment Choice: The choice of equipment needed for a show is a balancing act between practical, financial and aesthetic factors. How to make a valid and informed decision, and how this relates to their technical riders.
  • Advancing the Show: How to contact venues and assess their system prior to the concert date.
  • Sound Reinforcement system: How to evaluate assess and the speaker system relating to the task in hand. This will include using in-house systems as well as designing and installing touring systems. A brief overview of system design will be provided.
  • System Check: How to evaluate the system they are using in terms of coverage and suitability. Fault finding and problem solving will be addressed.
  • Line Check:  How to complete a systematic and thorough line check. How to spot the most common problems and address them. 
  • Artist Relations: The techniques as to how to get the best from musicians and run an effective sound check.
  • Time Domain Problems: The practical problems of phase and time correlation will be discussed in relation to microphone choice and placement and how they can affect a mix. How to best understand and therefore overcome these problems using an understanding of phase and microphone pick up patterns to improve the mix.
  • Reinforcing the sound in the venue: How to meet the needs of the artists using the equipment available. How to cover the room effectively with the speaker system available. How to spot potential acoustic problems and look for ways to overcome them.


January 23th - 25th 2018

Ticeket price: 250 EUR