Live Sound


The Live Sound Certificate Course combines all the key elements plus additional topics that will get you to being a real sound engineer. The course includes essential in-depth theory on the principles of sound, acoustics and gain structure, but also will explain all there is to know about the equipment, components and settings you should use. There is in-depth training on patching in and using the mixing desk, understanding and using EQ, Grouping, and Routing, Using the matrix and recording a live mix. Students will also learn about setting and creating monitor mixes show, how to conquer feedback and use a variety of ringing out techniques.


By the end of the SAE Certificate Course in Live Sound, students will understand the principles of sound (what it is, how it is made up, its means of measurement), acoustic and electronic instruments and the levels they create, as well as the equipment that can be used in a live performance (Mics, Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, Gates, Compressors, Effects Processors, Equalizers), Mixing desks, front of house and monitor mixing. Moreover, students will be introduced to various types of speaker systems – including setting up and their application, will learn how the equipment is connected together, the connections used and gain structure, EQ and signal routing.

Course Content:

  • General understanding of how the Live Sound industry works, which are the involved departments, the corect positioning within a team, the right attitute to perform both with the team and the artist or band involved
  • Show Advancing - Necessary details in order to proceed with a show: technic rider/channel list/stage plot
  • Gain Staging - Practical sessions based on previous multitrack sessions. How to choose a mic, how to position a mic, how to send audio to PA, line patching
  • Monitor Mix - Ringing out PA/monitors & how to create monitor mixes
  • Mix FOH - Mixing techniques, Line check, Sound system check
  • Audio System placement techniques - calibrating PA, Time allignment, PA filter correction

You would benefit from this course if:

  • You want to embrace a career in sound engineering or you simply want to study further in this area;
  • You are an artist who performs live and you need to have great sound;
  • You are passionate about live music and are looking for a job in this field;
  • You own a live music venue and you want to offer your clients the best;
  • You make music and you would like to experiment with electronic sounds or work more efficiently with your equipment.


SAE Certificate Live Sound


Note: There are no academic requirements to participate in this Certificate program. The only entry requirement is for the participant to be at least 18 years of age upon commencement of the course.



NB: SAE Institute reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the course subject to reaching minimum class numbers. In the unlikely event of this occurring, this information will be communicated to you directly.


  • Belgrade

Key facts


    6 weeks



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    Short Course

Entry requirements

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Fees and Payments

440 EUR

Payment method:

  • Bank transfer


  1. 220 EUR before the course start
  2. 220 EUR before the 5th week start