Dušan Osmorković

WEB Lecturer


Dušan Osmokrović is a seasoned full stack developer with a passion for crafting robust  web applications. With over three years of experience in the industry, Dušan has honed his  skills in building diverse projects, ranging from full stack applications to monolith  architectures. A graduate of SAE Belgrade, Dušan now serves as a Web Development  lecturer at the same institution, where he shares his expertise with aspiring developers,  nurturing the next generation of tech talent. His focus lies in backend development,  particularly within the Laravel framework, where he thrives in creating efficient and  scalable solutions. Dušan’s dedication to staying abreast of the latest advancements in  technology drives his continual growth and innovation in the field. Outside of work, he  enjoys exploring new coding challenges, staying active in the developer community, and  finding creative ways to leverage technology for real-world impact.



Dušan Osmorković has completed the following qualifications:
BA Diploma of WEB Developement (Audio Engineering) SAE Institute Belgrade

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