Filip Vlatković

Senior Audio Lecturer


Filip holds Master’s degree in Sound design and recording at Academy of Arts, Novi Sad University and has been an active professional in audio industry for more than two decades. During studies, his work concentrated both on music and film, later moving mostly to record production and mixing. After graduation, he earned an official Pro Tools operator title during his stay in New York City, where he continued recording and also performed in a singer-songwriter solo outfit. For the last eight years he has been active in broadcasting as well, serving several major radio stations as a creative producer and music editor-in-chief.

Known as an active advocate of both old fashioned analog and highly inovative digital engineering techniques, he has worked with acts like Neverne Bebe, EKV Revisited, VVhile, Slobodan Trkulja and Hristina, remastered catalogues for several legendary Serbian rock bands including Boye and Kanda Kodza, i Nebojsa and mixed sound for picture for award-winning director Zelimir Zilnik, and New York Ripfest short film features.



Filip Vlatković has completed the following qualifications:
MA Sound design and recording University of Novi Sad
BA Sound design and recording University of Novi Sad

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