Nina Simić Panić



Nina Simić Panić is a Serbian translator and culturologist. She graduated from the Faculty of Philology (University of Belgrade) and has a BA degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory. She’s completed her MA studies in Culture and Media Management, while also studying English (proficient), Russian (fluent), Turkish (B1), Spanish (B1), Italian (A2) and Chinese (A2) languages. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Culturology. Nina cooperates with various publishing houses, literary magazines and writers’ organizations in Serbia as well as abroad; she is a member of Matica srpska, the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia, and an honorary member of PEN International (based in Bratislava, Slovakia). In 2021 she received a “Golden Badge” award from Cultural and Educational Community and Ministry of Culture and Information of Serbia for her selfless, devoted and persistent work as well as creative contribution to Serbian culture.




Nina Simić Panić has completed the following qualifications:
BA degree in Comparative Literature and Literary Theory University of Belgrade
MA studies in Culture and Media Management University of Belgrade

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